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Ayanamsha is not a western concept, although SSS type of ayanamsha was used by Greeks like Theon and Arab and European astrologers and astronomers till the time of Copernicus. SSS is the original source of the very concept of ayanamsha defined as the pendulum like to and fro motion of the circle of nakshatras situated between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, beyond which no object can be accepted as a Graha according to this tenet of SSS, which was used by Copernicus. Unfortunately, European astronomers like Copernicus used this non-physical concept in physical astronomy as well, which led to expulsion of ayanamsha from modern science after Renaissance.

After Colebrooke and Burgess, ayanamsha is under attack in Indian astrology too. SSS defines ayanamsha as not a property of Sun's or Earth's orbit but of nakshatra-kakshaa, and we have no right to change any ancient text. One can either accept or reject an ancient tyext, not change it. It is crime. BTW, there are dozens of ayanamshas, and one more addition is not going to bring Doomsday. The linear formula mentioned in this thread by Mr Sreenadh is childish.

These persons do not know how to set up a differential equation for computing any modern variety of ayanamsha for the period BC to AD which is JHora's window for Drik Siddhanta. First of all, they should learn modern versions of Taylor's formulas for setting up the differential equation of Chandrahari ayanamsha.

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Secondly, they should not call it "Suryasiddhantic". And thirdly, they should try to use gentlemanlike language for others, and not call PVR a "criminal" and at the same time use his FREE software!! I have no ill will for Mr Chandrahari and his ayanamsha in spite of his abusive behaviour, it is conceptually better than Lahiri ayanamsha, but it is not "Suryasiddhantic", at any rate!

You said JHora 7. You have mis-characterized JHora's calculations, my "behavior" and my "intent". But I will not question your own "intent" in doing so.. The error in CH ayanamsa in JHora is quite small. There was no "ego", "hidden venom" and "malefic intent" against Chandra Hari, whom I genuinely respect as a sincere seeker of Truth walking on a slightly different path than mine and as a special child of the same Mother whom I adore.

This line seems to be quoted from the mail Chandra Hari sent me yesterday. And I see that your opinion agrees with that. If the the general concept underlying Surya Siddhanta is given importance, the formula provided by Chandrahari, and I quoted in my mail becomes important and zero Ayanamsa year become AD Shopping cart Close.

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