Second marriage in astrology


Never think negative about your marriage. There are many reasons of second marriage like separation, divorce, widowhood, etc.

How to study Marriage in Astrology

Your astrologers can guide you very well in all these cases because they have a good knowledge about stars, planets and Vedic Astrology. There is no explanation for this logic but if you have faith and respect for astrologers then you can believe in this logic. Again your second marriage depends on the beneficial and malefic influence. Second marriage then your marriage will be a successful one. Beside these two things, there are many other factors on which your marriage is dependent.

According to astrologers, the stars and planets also play a very important role is the existence and sustainability of your marriage. There are many ways of looking at second marriage. Everyone has their own opinion and point of view. Everyone wants to have a good and peaceful life with a loving partner. Everybody dreams of a loving partner with whom they can spend their entire life. In some cases this dream comes true and in some cases it does not. It all depends on your destiny. The astrologers are very well aware of all the combinations of stars and planets that can tell you about your second marriage.

Second marriage and Divorce issues in Astrology - Astrology

Palmistry means predicting your life through hand reading. Many astrologers read your hand and predict about your future.

Is there a successful second marriage in your horoscope?

They tell you about wealth, love, job and many other things just by reading your hand. So the line that indicates your marriage will tell you whether possibility of second marriage is there or not in your case. Your astrologer will look at your palm and will tell you about your marriage.

Remember one thing that marriage makes your life beautiful therefore, you should try your best to sustain your marriage no matter whether it is the first marriage or second marriage. So we always need to take the marriage decision very carefully. Late Marriage is a great problem for present days. Astrological matters are also the reason behind it. There are 8 important astrological reasons behind the late marriage.


Everyone wish for a happy conjugal life. But in the present scenario it is becoming as a fact that happiness in married life is a gift from God. The Manglik Dosha has a great impact on the married life. We all wish for a happy married life. Still though the help of vastu, we can able to maintain our happy married life. Top 14 vastu tips are here.


Marriage is one of the vital parts of our lives. To be happy in our married life is the most craving thing. Venus and Mars are the two leading key planets for our love married life. Everybody has a wish to make a happy, peaceful and loving married life. There are few important factors on which the happy married life depends on. The combination of 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 12th houses are really important.

Second Marriage In Horoscope and Astrology – an Ultimate Guide

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second marriage in astrology Second marriage in astrology
second marriage in astrology Second marriage in astrology
second marriage in astrology Second marriage in astrology
second marriage in astrology Second marriage in astrology
second marriage in astrology Second marriage in astrology

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