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Most Leo Dogs make for affectionate and cheerful companions, although they can at times be pompous and dogmatic. Social interaction with humans is sometimes difficult for the Leo Dog. This canine will need to be put firmly in his or her place when just a puppy, or there will be the expectation that an owner will fetch and carry for this dog for the rest of his or her life. If this can be accomplished, then the Leo Dog will be a charming and rewarding dog, much easier to live with than might be expected.

This is largely due to one exceptional and redeeming quality Dogs which have been praised honored for bravery This canine rarely knows what it means to be afraid and makes for an excellent police dog, relentlessly pursuing criminals, entering blazing buildings without a second thought and tenaciously sniffing-out bombs. The Leo Dog, however, cannot bear to be ignored. The vanity of this canine knows no limit and he or she adores being the center of attraction. Fiercely loyal, this canine would rather die while protecting an owner than allow that owner to come to any harm.

The Leo Dog makes for an exceptional guard dog but has one strange eccentricity Owners born under the signs of Aries and Sagittarius tend to get on best with the Leo Dog, although all relationships in which this canine becomes involved will have a tendency to become heated on occasion. The Virgo Dog is a genuine domestic creature, more resigned than any other Sign of the Zodiac to play the role of pet. In fact, he or she will feel totally comfortable in this position and accept it without a single murmur.

Year of the Dog: Traits and Compatibility

This canine will be in his or her element as a friend and companion living with humans, and will strive to be the perfect pet. The Virgo Dog considers being told what to do as a pleasure There will be no unpleasant surprises for an owner who returns home to the Virgo Dog since this canine is the cleanest and most hygenic of the Zodiac. Physically, the Virgo Dog is strong and muscular but requires a lot of exercise when in good health.

Unfortunately, this canine is also the hypochondriac of the dog world The Virgo puppy will be easy to handle in the beginning, but as he or she gets older, trouble is bound to start. This canine is determined that his or her life be filled with beauty and nothing but the best will suffice The Virgo Dog will never be found sleeping on a hard floor and is sensitive to discomfort in much the same way as the fairytale Princess was to the irritating pea. The Virgo Dog tends to spend a great deal of time in the garden, communing with nature as he or she weeds, digs and generally makes a mess.

The Virgo Dog is never happier than when he or she is doing something for the owner. This canine will take over some of the many chores which pile up during the day However, this truly helpful dog does not always get it right. As a creature of routine and habit, this canine will expect to be fed and walked at the same time every day. Generally, sheep dogs and working dogs governed by Virgo thrive very nicely, working from dusk until dawn and content in the productive nature of his or her employment. Since Virgo traditionally rules small animals, however, even toy dogs such as chihuahuas tend to flourish under this sign.

All Virgo Dogs are loyal and expect the same steadfastness from any owner. It should be noted, however, that this dog does not take kindly to small children. Being trodden on and grabbed does not suit the Virgo Dog one bit. Neverthless, he or she will be receptive to cats Indeed, the owner of a Virgo Dog would be well-advised to bring a feline into the home. Natives of Taurus and Capricorn tend to make the best owners for the Virgo Dog, sharing some of the earthy elements and even the penchant for cats.

Basically, however, owners born under any Zodiac Sign will enjoy the company of this canine The Libra Dog has one purpose and one purpose only This canine expects to start at the bottom but, within a year or two, will have ascended to a senior position in the household with quite a lot of "say" in things. The Libra Dog will stand for less obedience, more food and a shorter working week. If an owner should ask this canine to do anything during the evening hours, then double biscuits are in order or there will be no response.

The Libra Dog is also a firm believer in the "closed shop" concept. In other words, one house Basically a well-balanced creature, the Libra Dog is not overly-emotional and remains totally impartial when argument ensue. This canine will be amiable and appreciative of the good things life has to offer but, above all, believes in "share and share alike. Therefore, if the Libra Dog is obliged to sleep in a basket on the floor, then the owner is expected to do the same. Physically, the Libra Dog always appears to be well-nourished However, as this dog grows older, there will be a tendency to bulge and spread.

Whenever a Libra Dog is out of sorts, with a dry nose and no enthusiasm for anything, the best cure will be twenty-four hours of starvation. The dog will not appreciate it Every ounce saved while the Libra Dog is still a pup will mean an inch or so less in middle age. This is a fact that the Libra Dog would, of course, very much appreciate The male Libra Dog will spend a lot of time in involvements with the opposite sex, but always in the most delicate and discreet fashion Usually, other dog owners consider the Libra Dog a pleasant and well-controlled animal who is never connected with any misfortunes that may beset their own pets.

The female Libra Dog may not be so easy. She will be so afraid of offending any male that shows an interest in her that she will not know how to say "No. The Libra Dog will refuse to be banished to an outside kennel, unless the owner is also willing to take up residence within. Thus, this canine will only be truly happy with an owner who is prepared to put himself or herself out for the sake of the dog.

The Libra Dog will never stand for being treated like a dog while his or her owner is permitted to live like a person. This canine is remarkably persuasive He or she can also be ridiculously stubborn Since the Libra Dog models his or her life on that of the owner, if things go wrong then the owner only has himself or herself to blame. In the eyes of this canine, if people do not go outside in the rain to relieve themselves, then the Libra Dog should not have to do so If the owner entertains a lot, with people coming and going all the time, then the Libra Dog expects the same privilege If an owner really cannot handle that and wants to continue to keep this canine as a happy pet, then the only answer will be to cut out the human visitors.

Nonetheless, the Libra Dog is possessed of a gentle manner and a great desire to please, usually remaining a loving soul as long as the love is returned. A large degree of affection is important to the Libra Dog and he or she will go to great lengths to display such feelings in the hope that the owner will reciprocate. This canine is not prone to being argumentative and, if tried sorely, will invariably become too frightened of upsetting an owner to show what he or she really feels. However, this does not mean that the Libra Dog will be blind to an owner's bad points A Leo native is probably most suited to surviving the demanding standards of the Libra Dog.

These two signs react well and bring out the best in each other rather than the worst. Owners born under the signs of Gemini and Aquarius also get on well with this canine under normal circumstances, but an Aries owner is a huge mistake. The strong character of an Aries subject will sap the limited confidence of the Libra Dog, reducing him or her to something of an "apology for a dog" rather than a dog in his or her own right.

The Libra Dog also enjoys the company of other dogs, provided there is no obligation to share space with such animal in the home. There is a great strength of character hidden beneath the silky coat of the Scorpio Dog. On the outside, it will be necessary to watch out for the tail, which is capable of expressing much more feeling that that of any other canine. The Scorpio Dog will be a formidable dog to live up to, since this canine considers himself or herself to be the perfect dog.

The life of the Scorpio Dog has but one purpose Sadly, few if any manage to achieve such perfection, often leaving the Scorpio Dog with a personality which is as difficult for the dog to understand as it is for his or her owner.

The Scorpio Dog will either be a best friend or a worst enemy. This canine can love or hate with an equally passionate intensity and, if this dog is wronged in any way, then he or she will never forget. On the other hand, this canine will also never forget when he or she is treated well. Scorpio traditionally governs secrets and this may be why Scorpio Dogs tend to make the most proficient trackers, being able to sniff-out even the most subtle of scents.

Thus, this sign is an ideal one for bloodhounds, cocker spaniels, or any dog who needs an acute sense of smell. The sexual prowess of the male Scorpio Dog also makes him an excellent breeder. Physically, the Scorpio Dog is thick-set with handsome features, but is not one to reveal feelings through body language. Inscrutable is a word that probably best describes this canine. If the Scorpio Dog is being scolded for some gross misdemeanor, then he or she will calmly sit there as though being told a bedtime story.

Moreover, in the midst of a "rant and rave" for any reason, this canine will most probably simply fall asleep. Both genders of this canine will possess a deep interest in mating. Unfortunately, neutering or spaying does not seem to help much Some owners claim that the best answer is to allow her to have at least one litter assuming, of course, that a mate can be found whom the Scorpio bitch is prepared to allow come anywhere near her.

The trouble here is that this can cause phantom pregnancies which are almost more difficult to cope with than the real thing. It will be important for any owner of a Scorpio Dog to remember that, as the human, he or she will always be bigger than this canine. Even when the Scorpio Dog attempts to tower over an owner by leaping upon the table, the human should remind himself or herself of that fact.

Thus, an owner should be able to keep on top of things and, by so doing, will discover that the Scorpio Dog is basically an affectionate canine The Scorpio Dog has a tendency to overweight in middle age, so any owner would be well-advised to take great care over the diet while this canine is still a puppy. Later, maintenance levels of food should be given, otherwise the naturally heavy build will look wonderful for a few years and then, almost overnight, become gross and distinctly unattractive.

On the whole, the Scorpio Dog will be a healthy specimen with tremendous powers of physical endurance. Thus, he or she is not one to spend long at the vet's office or run up large veterinarian bills. Where there is Scorpio Dog, then there should always be a dog-run house.

This house will belong totally to the Scorpio Dog and an owner will be expected to maintain it according to this canine's exacting specifications. The Scorpio Dog demands and gets a full eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night and those hours of rest will be spent in the warmest and most comfortable place Nearly all Scorpio Dogs are psychic to some extent and, despite this canine's ability to remain inscrutable in times of stress, he or she will make it only too clear when something is being "seen" or "heard.

However, most of the invisible beings noted by the Scorpio Dog will be harmless Socially, Scorpio and Scorpio make for the best combination. Your mentors or dignitaries are always around to guide you and give you good advices. As long as Earth is away your Lucky Element Water, you will have great fortune in Winter will be your good season.

Your luck in is average. Metal and Wood of are opposite elements. They have fighting relationship. Wood is not afraid of the Earth. But Earth of will disturb Wood. That means the person often helping you has a dispute with someone. The person cannot focus to help you when you need one. Male Wood will be busy on its love relationship with Female Earth.

Male Wood doesn't have time to take care you. This is not a good sign. You will have very good luck in of Pig. Water of is the mother element of Wood. Water will fully support Wood, which is a very good sign. Water can protect Wood from attacking by the Metal.

Water and Wood will be a good pair to ensure your good fortune. Fire is the mother element of Earth. If you ask help from Fire, Fire cannot have full energy to help you in Water and Fire are opposite elements. Fire is afraid of Water. Water of will bring pressure on the Fire. Water is unfavorable to you. Water will diminish your luck in of Pig. Winter is not a good season to you. You will have significant good luck in Earth of will bring more soil to enhance the strength of your Lucky Element.

When you need helps, your mentors or dignitaries will appear to guide you and give you good advices. As long as Wood is not around the Earth, you should have very excellent fortune in Water and Earth are opposite elements. The person who provided supports to you has a dispute with someone.

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But now, the person doesn't have enough time to help you and guide you. The following informs people what event may occur in based on their Day Master Element Type. Earth is Female Earth.

09 Oct 12222 (Lunar: 12222, 9 month, 11 day) - Information

When You Day Master are Metal. Earth of is the Mother Element of Metal. Therefore, Earth of stands for your parents, mentors, elders, protection, teachers, knowledge, education or medicine. You might think about to visit senior members in family or in the social group.

Dog Career Horoscope 12222

You might think about your housing investment. You will spend more time in learning knowledge. You will get lots of advice and helps at work. You might have to pay attention to your health. People who care you a lot will often be in contact with you in year of Pig.

If Earth is your Lucky Element, then they will give you good support and good reputation. You will earn a lot of knowledge from their experiences and advices. This will help your career development or money investment. But if Water is your Unlucky Element, then either they cannot give you good recommendations or you won't accept their opinions. This might result in bad decision making and you might lose career or money opportunities. Pig of contains mainly Water. Water is related to your children, outlook, words and actions.

You will feel free to happily express yourself in public.

You have opportunities to show your talent to people. You will bring to build your reputation, which might bring you extra fortune. The Wood inside Pig is related to your wealth or finance. Pig brings you opportunity regarding to money, property and investment. It's time to review your financial plan. It's time to diligently study money investment. When You Day Master are Water. Since Water is afraid of Earth , will bring you lots of pressure. Earth represents your career, position, boss, teacher, police or law. Your behaviors or activities will encounter some restrictions.

The major event in is related to your job.

Chinese Horoscope 2020 – Year of the Metal Rat

Your job responsibilities will increase. You will be very busy in the office during year of This is a year of career opportunity. Earth of can absorb the Water. If Earth is your Lucky Element, then you should be able to handle the pressures from the current position. You should accept the challenge for any promotion or other career opportunity. If Earth is your Unlucky Element, then you might feel too much stress from work overload. You might encounter the problems from the undergoing project and have difficulty to find the solution.

You will lose the confidence to face the career opportunity. If you are single lady and looking for a love relationship, then is good time to find your ideal companion. Earth represents your boyfriend or husband. As long as increasing your social activities, you have a good chance to meet someone you like. Pig contains mainly Water which represents to your siblings, friends or peer.

They will keep your social life busy. The competition or cooperation always exists in the peer group. Either competition or cooperation has changes to create the money opportunity. Only sincere friends bring you good fortune. Pig of contains some Wood. Wood is related to your children, outlook, words and actions. Dogs are always on guard, and as a result, many have developed a slightly pessimistic outlook. This Chinese horoscope sign is great at spotting danger before it gets too close, but people born under this sign need to learn how to relax and worry about themselves instead of others all the time.

Dogs make great mates because of their loyalty and devotion, but since they neglect their own needs, they might find themselves becoming resentful of their partners. Good communication and a willingness to ask for attention sometimes will go a long way towards improving the Dog's relationships.

Some people may find the Dog's attentions a bit stifling or overwhelming. At work, Dogs are willing to put their all into a task. They do not like big changes or adventures, and would prefer a steady routine. Once Dogs start a task, they finish it, which makes them very reliable employees.

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The Chinese horoscope relies on a 12 year cycle, so the year of the Dog occurs every 12 years. Every sign also has a 5 part elemental cycle, meaning that every fifth year of the Dog is a Metal Dog year. The element associated with the year of your birth affects how your Chinese horoscope sign determines your personality characteristics.

A person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Dog and tempered by the Metal element is a real "Type A" personality. Metal Dogs put a lot of pressure on themselves and have high standards for their work. They can be perfectionists, and also expect others to follow through on what they have promised. Turing back on a commitment can really anger a Metal Dog, although that will not stop him or her from being loyal to you. Once a Metal Dog has committed to something, it will cause him or her great stress to even think about turning his or her back on it. Those born under this Chinese Zodiac sign really need to know what will happen in advance, and can get very anxious and upset if plans change at the last minute, or people they thought they could count on back out of plans or commitments.

metal dog daily horoscope Metal dog daily horoscope
metal dog daily horoscope Metal dog daily horoscope
metal dog daily horoscope Metal dog daily horoscope
metal dog daily horoscope Metal dog daily horoscope
metal dog daily horoscope Metal dog daily horoscope
metal dog daily horoscope Metal dog daily horoscope

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