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Before joining industry and then later academics, he used to professionally consult in Kolkata and was a strong voice against the rationalists denigrating astrology. In the year he engaged in Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology as a senior teacher and teaches the student of M. In the year he founded the astrological school namely K. Astrological Institute. He is the principal and founder of the Institute. Rabindranath Ghosh is the researcher in the Astrological field. Today Rabindranath Ghosh is one of the most respected names in the field of Indian Astrology both in India and abroad for truth.

Knowledge and correct prediction. Built using WordPress and the Materialis Theme. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Jasa jul-sepissue 1. JASA Vol. Editorial 09 1 2. Sharma 16 Status of Missing Son Dr. A KP Analysis S. Sardar 33 I want to Live: Nirbhaya D. Sarma 50 When the Fifth house is Negative G. Silva 58 3. Krishnan 74 When Planets do not work, Prayers will help Prof. Devi 79 4. Sadasivan 88 5. Neelakantan 94 6. Book Review by Editor 97 7. Suggestion Box 9. Billet Doux 2.

JASA is now the most widely read stellar astrological international journal published from India. JASA is now a Quarterly journal as per standard international norms and will be published in every quarter starting January, April, July and October every year. Ujjwala Dutta, who was famously known as Srimati Deblina of Kolkata as an illustrious astrologer of Kolkata.

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She was the loving mother of our Editor, Dr. Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit and travelled to her heavenly abode on 22nd April May her soul rest in peace. Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit www. However, any person, organization or institution desirous of using any materials published in this journal in any manner whatsoever needs to mandatorily obtain prior written permission from the Publisher of this journal and also the author s , failing which legal action for violation of copyright under relevant sections of the Indian Copyright Act, would be initiated against such person, organization or institution.

For such citations or references, no prior permission is required from the publishers of this journal. Any copyright infringement, therefore, is to be directly dealt with the respective authors or contributors and neither the editor nor the publisher of this journal will undertake any correspondence in this regard in any manner whatsoever.

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By registering oneself and downloading this journal from www. Krishnamurti - N. Raghavachary Meena 2 — R. Gopalakrishna Row Meena 1 — 7. Do not feel jealous of others. Do not talk ill of others. I believe that criticism can help a person grow.

What is KP Astrology

Unfortunately, some of our authors are getting banned and ill-treated at the hands of some other editors for writing in JASA, or for talking with me and or pin-pointing out the fallacies of those editors who are self-proclaimed KP astrologers without any qualification. But our authors have shown great grit and strength of backbone, wherein they did not succumb to the pressures of such editors and have withdrawn their article.

Not only that, these authors have also made correct KP predictions whereas such editors have made dismally wrong predictions. As late K. It has been brought to my notice that some people are propagating a false theory that late K. Krishnamurti did not believe in remedies, did not adovate remedies and he was a fatalist— who believed in total destiny. Nothing is far from truth that such misconception about this great man is being made by such people who have never ever read anything on KP astrology except the Readers. The main purpose of providing this rare article of KSK is to help all or readers understand and know the authentic KP astrology that was invented by the inventor himself.

A section of astrologers who love to call them as KP astrologers are doing some training programs here and there and fooling people with their wrongful disbelief about retrograde planets, non-rotation of horary charts and worstthey are saying that late KSK did not believe in remedies. Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit M. Gold Medalist , Ph. Krishnamurti ji is providing clear remedies for many health and other troubles of life. So all readers are advised to be careful of such people who have no background in astrological training and who open their mouth without knowing what true KP astrology is.

I am sure you will find this article wonderful and eye opening and get closer to truth. They are Sri S. Sardar, Sri R. Raghunathan, and Prof. Devi have contributed very thoughtful and important articles in the Meena2 Naadi system method.

Thanks to Dr. A Raja for passing the articles through his experienced eyes where the articles have emerged as more polished and enriching. Special Congratulations goes to Dr. Apart from these, there are our regular authors who keep on providing us with high class and high quality astrological material by enriching us with their personal astrological experiential journey.

It is my honor to publish their articles in this prestigious international journal of stellar astrology. Last but not the least, from now on, every Anniversary issue of JASA will be in the loving memory of my mother. E electrical from Punjab University,Chandigarh and started his career as Sub divisional officer in Punjab state electricity board from Sharma retired in September, and was practicing Parasher astrology since S Negi, Ludhiana, Late Sh. Suresh Suhasane, Mumbai and Prof K.

Hariharan, son of Late Sh. S Krishnamurthy and I am practicing KP and Parasher Astrology and also writing articles in various magazines from last years. He has learnt Parashar astrology from Dr H. Sharma property dealer doing business nearby Chandigarh approached me to check astrologically whether he will recover the entangled money amounting Rs 15 lacks he has lent to somebody regarding property matter As the borrower is not responding to his repeated enquiry and he is A not traceable. So I decided to proceed in the matter.

Gulbarga Theory As per Gulbarga Theory if the Sublord of horary number furnished happens to be either Moon Starlord Or Lagna Starlord among the Ruling Planets then the query is to be answered in the affirmative otherwise not In the query under reference the Sublord of horary number is Saturan and Moon Starlord is Ketu and Ketu is aspected by Saturn. Hence I told the querent that answer to his query is affirmative and he will certainly recover the entangled money. What K. S Krishnamurti whether one borrows money or one gets back one,s dues judge the 6 th Cusp and find out whether the lord of the Sub of the 6th Cusp is either retrograde or deposited in a constellation whose lord is retrograde if either is Retrograde one cannot either borrow or recover that which has lent or given or deposited if the sub lord and the lord of the constellation in which the sublord is situated is in direct motion then one will recover the money If it is Saturan then there will be delay and some obstacles to recover.

In the case under reference 6 th cusp sublord is Moon in 1 lord of 5 and Moon is not having any planet in its star so it becomes strong significator of 6 th being Sublord of 6 th cusp further Moon is in the Star of Ketu and Ketu is in thesign of Mars in 6 th and It is in the Sub of Mercuray in 11 lord of 3 and 4. So 6th cusp sublord and it constellation both are not retrograde and are in direct motion.

So the querent will get the entangled money recovered Moreover 6 th cusp Sublord signifies 6 and 11 which is conducive for recovery of entangled money. Hence Ketu is significator of 6 which is conducive for recovery of entangled money. MARS is in 6 lord of 1 and 8 and it is again in the Star of Mars and in the Sub of Venus in 10 lord of 2 and 7 Hence Mars signifies 2,6 and 10 which is conducive for recovery of entangled money. Hence Mercury is significator of 6 and 11which is conducive for recovery of entangled money. So All the Ruling Planets are significator 2,6,10 and 11 which is conducive for recovery of entangled money.

P So I ignored this. I selected this because Venus is R. Accordingly I informed the querent that he is likely to recover the entangled money before 14 th June with some obstacles due to Satuan effect on Moon. Facts of case Querent met me on dated and happily intmated that he has recovered almost all the entangled money with great difficulty up to and only small amount is left with the borrower and he is expecting to receive the same shortly My Parnam to Guru ji sh K.

He has upheld the beauty and accuracy of KP astrology for which KP is well known in its traditional and unblemished version. Vastu Shiromani from Marwar University, Rajasthan. Email : astrologer. At present he is missing from home and we have no information about him. I want to know about his status — B whether he is alive or not? Patwari, Male. Question of Querent — I want to know about the status of my missing Son — whether alive or not? If alive, when he will returned to home? Question asked by father on behalf of Son. Horary No: out of Place of Judgment: Park Street - For a missing person, it is always need to change the Lagna connected to the missing person.

Counting from his or her Lagna and the houses 2 family , 8 return of missing person from unknown long journey or 11 reunion being 12th to are for returning home. Consider the houses 1, 3 and 8 for longevity. Maraka Houses: The 12th to any particular houses denotes non-existence of the matter signified by the particular house.

So, the houses 12 12th to 1 , 2 12th to 1 and 7 12th to 8 are known as Maraka death dealing houses. So far death consideration first the Badhaka house and then the Maraka houses. Saturn is the chief governor of longevity.

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  8. There is a danger to life during the joint period of the significators of the badhaka and maraka houses. If the Cuspal Joint Rulers Signlord-Starlord- Sublord of the Ascendant or 8th Cusp be the significators of the badhaka and maraka houses, their join period is very critical for life. Whether missing person is alive or dead? Moon signifies and in connection with the relevant houses, hence query or urge is genuine.

    Rahu conjoined to Mars-Saturn and thus acts an agent of Mars and Saturn. Venus is having stellar positional strength i. I wish and pray to God that I am absolute wrong in my analysis. Actual Fact: Prediction likely to be true as there is no information of the missing Son till date and time. Pranaam to my Guruji Sri P. These days in some KP training programs some people are wrongly propagating that there is no need to rotate the horary chart and the same Ascendant from Horary Number can be treated as one and same.

    We Thank Dr. Kothari for showing the correct method of KSK 24 This chart of a male has no trace of children since about 12 years of marriage. The chart of the spouse is not presented and analysed here in order to have the brevity of the article. Some aspects from the angle of spouse have been analyzed from this chart.

    However, the principles of analysis presented herewith are applicable in any chart. Besides teaching Parasharic and Jaimini astrology at ICAS, Bangalore and contributing to The Astrological Magazine in Jaimini theme since a decade till its closure in ; the author has special interest in The Krishnamurti Paddhati and is a serious student of this subject.

    Email: vk gmail. At the same time, it should not establish a favorable connection with the houses denying childbirth. In male chart, the fertility is seen through Beeja Sphuta BS and its sub-lord should be well placed and be well linked with the 5th and 11th house. Look to 5th house 5th house is vacant and its lord Saturn gets placed in the stars lorded by Moon and Rahu, thus these planets govern the 5th house. At the stellar level, sub-lord of the 5th cusp is Rahu which falls in the Star of Saturn and in the sub of Saturn, placed in 8th house. Note that Rahu disposes Venus which is conjunct to it and Jupiter due to placed in its sign.

    Thus, all the indications of Venus and Jupiter would be governed by Rahu. So far, the 5th house does not show friendly terms towards childbirth. Look to the 2nd house The 2nd house indicates family clan and the absence of childbirth shows extinction of family clan. Thus the examination of the 2nd house becomes very important.

    At the stellar level, Venus is disposed in the star and sub of Mercury placed in 8th house. This clearly establishes the denial of childbirth. Look to the 11th house 11th house is the 5th house from 7th house Spouse hence is relevant to be examined. Being the house of desire fulfillment, it is yet more relevant. Incidentally, the 5th cuspal sub-lord is also Moon. Since, there is no planet in the stars of Moon; the Moon is a strong planet by its placement.

    It may be understood that Moon governs the mental faculty and due to its sub-lordship of 5th cusp, the desire of childbirth would be strong. At the stellar level, Moon is placed in the star of Saturn placed in 8th house and in the sub of Mercury placed in 8th house. The 11th house does not pose fruitfulness towards childbirth and thus the childbirth becomes very difficult. BS falls in the even sign Virgo and Capricorn Navamsha Even sign indicating that there is no strength and life in sperms to cause fertility.

    BS falls in Lagna close to its longitude, thus the desire for children seems intense. Note that the sub-lord of BS is Jupiter which is positionally strong but its retrogression shows intense karmik flaws to obstruct childbirth. At the stellar level, BS sub-lord Jupiter falls in the star of Sun and sub of Saturn, both placed in 8th house.

    This is a denial case of childbirth by the consideration of Beeja Sphuta. Additional 30 deg are required to be added as the Lagna does not fall between Sun to Moon.

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    Note as follows a. Punya LSP falls in 4th house that negates the 5th house of children. Ketu is the sub-lord of Punya LSP. Ketu falls in the star of Sun and in the sub of Mercury, both placed in 8th house from Lagna. Thus, the native does not have luck for the childbirth. Additional 30 deg are not required to be added as the Lagna falls between Moon to Jupiter. Putra LSP falls in 2nd house, which is a reasonable indication. Venus is the sub-lord of Putra LSP.

    Venus is positionally strong planet, as there is no planet in its stars. Venus is in retrogression, thus there seems to be some karmik sufferings that could inhibit childbirth.

    Birth Time Rectification (Part-1)

    Venus is eclipse by Rahu by conjunction, thus the results given by Rahu would dominate. As discussed in pre-para, Rahu does not promote childbirth. At the stellar level, Sub-lord of Putra LSP Venus falls in the star and sub of Mercury that falls in 8th house, thereby denying childbirth. This parameter brings to fore many hidden aspects of life interactively. For Child-birth, following houses get relevant. Lagna that shows personal focus and applied intelligence b. BTSP-Lagna a. This does not promote for the child-birth. Saturn is the Karna lord placed in 8th house which indicates that the native might be doing karma related to all sorts of treatment, as 8th house is the future 5th house of 4th house Cure.

    Saturn falls in the star of Ketu and sub of Rahu in 7th house. BTSP-2H a. Venus is a strong planet positionally and its placement in 7th house maraka house and its retrogression indicates that there have been some karmik faults of previous births for punishment towards childlessness. At the stellar level, Venus falls in the star and sub of Mercury placed in 8th house which confirms the karmik faults and does not grant children.

    Saturn is the karna lord and as discussed above, it is averse to grant cure for begetting 31 children. BTSP-5H a.

    Astrologer and Vaastu Consultant Anupriya Desai

    BTSP-5H falls in the 10th house 6th house from 5th house. Since, 6th house is the maraka of 5th house 2nd bhava to 5th house , the placement of BTSP-5H in 6th house is a clear indication that the children cannot be borne by karmik faults. Rahu, as discussed in pre-paras is against granting children. Mercury is the Karna lord that shows the karma related to 10th house and Lagna which it lords and as discussed in pre-paras, it may not be of any avail as it falls in the star and sub of Sun placed in 8th house.

    BTSP-7H a. BTSP-7H gets placed in the 3rd house which is the 9th house of pregnancy for 7th house. The spouse may be exploring all possible ways to attain motherhood. Mercury is the Karna lord that shows the karma related to 10th house 4th house from 7th house indicating treatment which may be of some help as it falls in the star and sub of Sun placed in the 2nd house from 7th house; the house of acquisition. BTSPH a. Mars is the sub-lord of BTSPH, which falls in the star of Mercury in 8th house acquisition and sub of Mars placed in 3rd house pregnancy.

    This point to the ability of the spouse to hold pregnancies. Moon is the Karna lord and is a very benevolent planet as Karna lord. Moon is not only very strong planet positionally but is further strong by its placement in its own house. Can someone appreciate that this is the true nature of unafflicted and strong Moon The Goddess ; not to vitiate the dharma principle of marriage for the sake of acquiring children through other men!! It is a remarkable mindset of Dharma.

    Thus, the native may have been very bold to accept childlessness as these cusps do not grant children. This completely blocks the prospects of children in his life as Rahu is against granting children, discussed in pre-paras. This completely blocks the prospects of children in his life as Saturn is under control of Rahu who is against granting children, as discussed in pre-paras. This keeps the scope open for the spouse to bear pregnancies. With the analysis of BTSPs as above, the bottleneck seems to be on the side of male native not having sufficient life in sperms while Spouse seems to be having capabilities to hold pregnancies.

    Facts of the case The couples had shown their charts to me and I had indicated my impressions as indicated above. They confessed the conclusions of the doctors that there is no life in sperms. Wife clearly rejected the idea of artificial semination from other men. Acknowledgment The KP principles are infallible and crystal clear, although, it requires genuine efforts for understanding and applying. Krishnamurthy has devised a pioneering predictive model in predictive astrology, which deserves sincere appreciation. The analysis by LSP and BTSP principles not only provide the second opinion but they indicate many new dimensions to the conclusions drawn by the conventional KP system of analysis.

    I close this write-up with my sincere thanks to The Krishnamurti Paddhati, which is instrumental to give us learning in the wisdom of astrology from newer perspectives. Roy Chowdhury. The author has also written Bengali book in KP astrology, which has been well received in Bengal. Sardar y colleague Mr.

    Nayek called me in his chamber in the 1st week of August, and asked me whether I could predict marriage date of his son astrologically. In this regard, he gave all the particulars about his son which is given below and I casted a KP Chart with the M given particulars on Rule :- The Ruling planets at the time of judgement agree with the ruling planets at the time of birth.

    The Sign lord, Sub lord and Sub sub lord of the Ascendant at the time of birth agree with the ruling planets at the time of judgement. But the Star lord of the Ascendant at birth is not tallied. The Star lord of the Ascendant is Ketu in the star of Mars and Mars is a ruling planet at the time of judgement. Thus, the RP both at the time of judgement as well as Birth are tallied. So the given birth time is correct. Now let us examine whether the marriage is promised or not in the light of K.

    Rule:- 7th Cuspal Sub lord is the guide. If the sub lord of the 7th Cusp signifies either 2 or 7 or 11 house, then marriage is promised and the marriage would take place during the conjoined periods of the significators of houses 2,7 and Cuspal Analysis:- In this chart under consideration, 7th Cusp sub lord is Rahu.

    Rahu is in the star of Mars and sub of Ketu. Moreover, 7th Cusp sub lord Rahu is a strong significator of 7th house having no planets in its stars. So marriage is promised in this native. Ruling Planets :-The chart was judged on at It may be mentioned here that all the ruling planets are not always beneficial. When they are deposited either in the constellation or sub of a retrograde planet, they will ultimately prove to be tempters.

    In the present case, none of the ruling planets are in the star or sub of a retrograde planet. So the marriage can take place during the conjoined period of Moon, Mars, Merc, Sat and Rah provided transit agrees. But the bhukti lord Venus is not found as one of the common planets. Next bhukti is Sun and it is also not found in common planets. Next Bhukti is Moon from Now it is to be fixed anthra lord among the common planets. Among RP, Merc is the strongest, so take Merc.

    Merc anthra starts from On Sun stays in one star for 13 days.

    In Aquarius, Rahu star starts from and ends at It means marriage can be celebrated within 5 days. It was found that there was an auspicious date for marriage on He told me that they were going to fix the date of marriage of his son next month. But he informed me later that they would not like to proceed further in this regard for some other reason.

    Actually, the marriage was celebrated on At the end of this article, I would like to convey my pranams and regards to Lord Ganesha and to our Guruji Late Prof. I would also like to convey my regards to my Guru, Late P. Roy Choudhuri, Kolkata. Sardar ji for his precise prediction of the event. All the readers around the world will benefit to read his article. An ardent lover and follower of Krishnamurti Paddhati, he also teaches students KP astrology for the betterment of this science. How could a person cross these limits, it terrified entire nation.

    She was not only the daughter of her parents; she was the daughter of the nation. Even while striving hard, her wish to stay alive was making everyone more wailing. Entire country has started praying for her. How could anyone commit such brutality in our country — I was worried and restless thinking about it. Shri Krishnamurthi Ji.

    Books by K Hariharan

    Analysis by K. Astrology theory: Question: Will God fulfill her desire to live? Horary No. Ninth cusp is also known for desire of God and Dharma. Moon is in 7th cusp Maraka or Fatal house and its sign is present in 12th cusp Moksha or Liberation house. Fifth cusp is also known for recovery cusp. Second sign Pisces is in 8th cusp which signifies accident, sorrow, age etc. Dasa: Jupiter Dasa has been running up to 16th-June Here Jupiter is posted in 10th cusp which is twelfth to 11th cusp desire. Fifth cusp signifies recovery whereas Sun is a significant of good health and Mars is of surgery.

    Another sign Pisces is located in 8th cusp which signifies accident, age, sorrow etc. Her sign Cancer is in 12th cusp Moksha house. Bhukti: On 19th-Dec, Venus bhukti is operating up to 28th-Dec Venus is posted in 4th cusp which is twelfth to 5th cusp denotes recovery. One sign Tauras is present in 10th cusp which is again twelfth to 11th cusp leads to desire. Second sign Libra is present in 3rd cusp which signifies courage factor. Rahu is in Mars Badhaka and 4th cusp — Signlord and twelfth to 5th cusp recovery.

    After analyzing the strong relationship of Venus with Maraka and Badhaka cusps, we can conclude that Venus Bhukti lord is not in favor of her desire. These three planets will not let her get cured at any cost. Sun is situated with Mars Lord of Badhak cusp in 5th cusp. This presence of Sun in Star of Ketu leads to more grief. It means she would merge in five elements Pancha tattva on 29th-Dec Bhukti and Antra lord is also known as government and according to the evidences Indian government has declared her death on 29th-Dec Unfortunately, the transit on the same date 29th-Dec attached below was also not in favor of her desire.

    He is a graduate of B. Com and Diploma in computer application. He is residing in Durgapur and is presently employed as a senior accountant with Jayshree Automobiles India Pvt. He stared his K. Astrology studies from his guru Rabindranath Ghosh at a very young age of only 31 years in the year He is a trained K. He had achieved the following titles in astrology. He is a very promising astrologer in the field of K.

    k hariharan kp astrologer K hariharan kp astrologer
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