Astrological sign pisces personality traits

Pisces Astrology February 19 - March 20

If you were a Capricorn born in early to mid-January, you're now a.

General Pisces Characteristics

Picking the right travel buddy can be tricky at times. The strong blend of optimism in the Sagittarius zodiac sign is admirable and inspiring. As a woman that goes through a whole lot of pain, discomfort, and blood once a month, I know I can turn into a monster but also an emotional wreck all at the same time. I take no credit for anything posted here unless otherwise stated. Mars is the planet of action and assertion, and Pisces is a passive sign that rarely asserts itself in a direct fashion. They like structure. Born between February 19 and March 20 is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces.

So, it is obligatory to know what flowers to be gifted to our beloved ones with respect to the their zodiac sign since the appeal to flowers and benevolentness of flowers to their zodiac sign differs. They are adaptable and emotional — they understand how to let go — and how flow with the current. On the other side they are free and love to just go with the flow, without any restrictions. Positive Traits. People get annoyed by you being so concerned by your reputation and image. Luckily, she can usually get away with pretty much anything.

Go with the flow, and the year could bring major. Your astrological sign is determined by the position of the sun on the day you were born, so that means everything you thought you knew about your horoscope is wrong. However, I would say Taurus men are not the best match for Aries because they tend to be rather slow moving and more go with the flow, which may irritate a passionate and fiery Aries. Aquarius can help Aries stabilize and complete projects rather than jumping into new plans without completing the old ones.

On one side they are disciplined and strict. If the head is the anatomy for the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, it makes sense for feet to be the anatomy ruled over by the last sign, Pisces. Over the years other traits have come to be associated with the Pisces astrology sign, including the feet and veins for anatomy, tin for the metal and sea green for the color. You are a very reliable and practical person.

According to astrologers, your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about you — from how intelligent you are to what grocery store you should shop in— so it makes sense to Zodiac fans that the personality traits of your zodiac sign would also dictate how you act when you're in love. Are you as smart as a Virgo?

Confident like a Leo? Or secretive like a Scorpio? Let's find out! Which we highly recommend by the way! You too can enhance the magical properties of crystals by using the right crystal to match your zodiac sign. When you get nervous, you stress yourself out very easily, which can lead to a variety of issues. Gemini and Libra- The Gemini man and the Libra woman have the best love compatibility among all the zodiacs. Sagittarius zodiac sign natives are the personification of immense innocence like of a child, where a child never looses hope irrespective of the number of failures he or she goes through, that does not affect the strength of mind.

These girls are shy, sensitive and love to go with the flow. The Zodiac Sign that you're most compatible with is Pisces! This fish has a tendency to go with the flow, and while this makes them a bit indecisive, they're also extremely laid back and adaptable to new ideas.

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What are the best Zodiac signs for compatibility in friendship, love and marriage? In part 2 of my special expert reports on Zodiac sign compatibility I reveal the four most compatible Zodiac signs. Do you know which zodiac sign combinations make the best couples?. Basic Astrology Part 9. Go-with-the-flow Cancer is most compatible with Capricorn. Gemini is flexible, willing to go with the flow and follow another's lead. They believe in true love and are always searching for a best friend and soul mate in. There exist both positive and negative traits in someone's personality.

Pisceans are generally of two types, those who go with the flow and those who fight against the current. These divisions within the zodiac are said to account for the numerous and specific energies that flow from each of the twelve zodiac signs. Keep reading. The Zodiac Signs As Pokemon Types Gemini are always able to go with the flow and are as wise as an owl - making flying type the go to match.

Being regarded as a sweet person is a beautiful thing, but on the flipside being kind can lead people to perceive you as weak. If you stomp or force issues you will crash through the ice. This makes the Pisces Sun so changeable as to appear not to have one singular identity. They are one of the most sensitive signs. In your early years this could look like late night after late night spent overdoing it at parties. You tend to compare yourself to others, so gyms filled with hard bodies may not be good environments for you anyway.

While those who go upstream, can reach the topmost positions in their life. They can't help it. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are said to share some of Ganymedes traits, including their altruistic, giving nature and the ability to go with the flow, regardless of the situation. They are vivacious, and alive with eagerness. Little fishes go with the flow, and they love other people.

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A Cancer can be from shy and boring to bright and famous. That is to say, genuinely, a Leo is ace in imaginatively making up those pick-up lines to awe their crush. We all have a side of us that we don't like to show. It s the stained glass window that you project outward for the rest of your chart to flow through.

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Can your zodiac sign predict your likelihood of cheating? Astrology can reveal a lot of about your love love life - including your tendency to stray. Take a step away for a while and go on a cruise through the Caribbean Islands. They are good listeners and care deeply for their friends.

Both partners in Taurus: Fixed, Earth zodiac sign, ruled by Venus; the house of partnerships and marriage is ruled by Pluto and Mars classical. The character of a Cancer is the least clear of all the signs of the zodiac. Pisces are the very last sign of the zodiac, and thus have absorbed all of the wisdom, knowledge, pain, and joy of the former eleven signs. It also provides an adaptable design that works anywhere and hits the mark on durability. If you are interested in Astrology and wonder where you should start exploring its numerous fields, it would be good to start with learning about traits of the 12 zodiac signs.

An astrologer explains basic zodiac sign compatibility and how to know what sign is the best match for you. For details of the most common pros and cons of relationships between Sagittarius and each of the other zodiac signs we have a separate index of articles on Sagittarius zodiac compatibility. However, you might find some of them resonate with you. Similarly, individuals wearing mismatching coloured can be seriously affected by their zodiac sign and probably also lose their impression upon others. Aries is the sign of the self, people born under this sign strongly project their personalities onto others and can be very self-oriented.

This imagery is used because of the origins of this constellation in Greek. Beep, beep, beep! Heads up, star lovers. Those born between the 29th of November and 17th of December were considered part of the Snake zodiac sign. Aries: The Moon — Something is changing but it may be hard to see where it may lead. It's a rash and expansive sign, and can be accident-prone. Being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents our will to transcend and evolve.

Each Zodiac Sign Fashion Sense. They're the go-with-the-flow signs of the Zodiac, which sorta makes them sound like pushovers or someone you want around at your party to help you clean. Do stealth and wealth go hand. Each question please give two zodiac Rebel?

The Darkside To The Pisces Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Goody two shoe? However, sometimes dreamy Pisceans have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality and their tendency for daydreaming often results in problems with alcohol or drugs. Even though it's wonderful to dream, Pisceans need to learn to keep one foot grounded in the real world and remain realistic. Pisces dates of birth are February 19 - March Continue reading if you're interested in finding out more about the Pisces meaning , traits, characteristics, as well as the best Pisces dates compatibility.

Read your horoscope Check Pisces compatibility. Pisces Man Pisces Woman. Pisces strengths: imaginative, emotional, selfless, compassionate, intuitive, charming Pisces weaknesses: unreliable, moody, weak minded, short tempered, idealistic, over sensitive Pisces likes: creativity, daydreaming, helping others, being spontaneous, artistry Pisces dislikes: rules, being under pressure, criticism, being forced to face reality. Pisceans are mysterious and alluring individuals. They are usually very compassionate, understanding and extremely sensitive so they tend to pick up on the moods and atmosphere around them.

They are also very intuitive and always know what others are experiencing or what their needs are.

Zodiac sign

Pisceans have a tendency to daydream in order to escape from the demands of the real world. These people spend so much time in their own fantasy world, so they rarely perceive whatever is going on around them in its true light. They can get lonely and detached from other people in their own imaginary world. People born under the Pisces horoscope sign are generous, patient and more social than any other sign of the zodiac, so they tend to make friends wherever they go. Their imagination and creativity are two of their greatest strengths.

Nevertheless, these talented individuals are prone to getting extremely pessimistic, submissive and easily influenced. Pisceans are great and extremely loyal friends who will go out of their way to help a friend. They are sensitive and compassionate so they will take a friend's problem, make it their own and suffer with them. According to astrology Pisces people are genuine, loyal and supportive friends, but they have trouble opening up to new people, especially if they've been hurt before. The biggest problem with Pisces is that they spend too much time in the beautiful world of their imagination, so they refuse to accept that they have a responsibility to themselves and to other people.

As parents, Pisces representatives are compassionate, nurturing and in tune with their children's needs. They feel the pain of their children and they experience their joy at every new discovery they make. They are highly imaginative and creative so they will happily spend hours and hours playing and having fun with their children. Pisceans parents will teach their children the importance of dreams and they will be there to listen and support them as much as they can. As partners, Pisceans are gentle, kind, emotional, romantic, and sensitive.

Their faith in love will be unshaken even after too many disappointments for one lifetime. They can connect to people on a spiritual level and form a strong yet sensitive bond that others don't see. Many Pisceans will have numerous relationships that won't last too long, but no matter what, they are in constant search for true love. Pisceans often have troubles to distinguish love and co-dependency. They tend to idealize partners and therefore they may not be aware that they are being exploited in a relationship.

For people born under the sign of Pisces, sex is a lot more than just a physical thing — it's about losing themselves in a spiritual ecstasy. Pisceans are masters of the art of seduction who know how to capture your heart and make you fall hopelessly in love. You need to know that Pisces is the most emotionally vulnerable of all zodiac signs, so consequently, the easiest to hurt too.

However, Pisceans are very forgiving and their trust can be quickly restored. Imaginative, emotional and intuitive, Pisces is a partner that everybody would like to have a date with. People born under this zodiac signs are quite and mysterious, calm and collected, always in their head, analyzing, imagining, daydreaming and traveling through time and space. They seek a partner who will perfectly understand their emotional nature, which is why the fellow water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, are perfect matches for the Pisces. Taurus and Capricorn are highly compatible partners with Pisces too, but the Fish is quite compatible with few more zodiac signs.

Learn more about Pisces compatibility with other zodiac signs here:. The Piscean is not someone who will be working on boring paperwork all day long, but someone who tends to bring fresh and creative energy into a team or a specific project. If they're stuck on a job they don't love, they will become depressed and will feel like they've lost purpose to their lives. Pisceans are very caring, compassionate and imaginative individuals and make great artists, doctors, caregivers or psychologists.

They require a sense of personal fulfillment in their work and will find it difficult to stay in one place without it. Pisceans don't care much about the money they earn, as long as their mission is right on track and their conscience is clear. Some Pisceans aren't concerned with money, while others are simply preoccupied with making lots of money.

However, if they decide to earn money, Pisces representatives can do it easily, thanks to their energy, imagination and creativity. According to zodiac Pisces men are dreamers which is often considered to be one of their biggest weaknesses. Their imaginations are surely needed in the everyday world, but they're often so involved in their daydreams that they miss many good opportunities. I'm reading the comments and they remind me of me I too feel very lonely most of the time. I long for true love, my hope is wearing thin. I'm very passionate about my beliefs even though not to many people understand.

I don't know if I'll ever have closer or true understanding but that seems to be what I'm fighting for. I'm a feeling person and I have a very strong desire to love and feel loved. I don't know where this is going. I feel I'm here to witness the ride. Jace - Jan PM. I met a Pisces 2 months ago when I was traveling for work.

He was the one that initiate the friendship and since then he ha become something that I have never experience. He became so different after the first month. He wanted his space and then drifted away from the friendship and started to become very abusive verbally. He also blocked me for an entire week from his social media. He is very cold and selfish. When I need my space that is not acceptable but when he needs his it's his way or no way.

Now I want to see him and he makes it seems like I can but only on his terms. I am so good to him and also very respectful and it doesn't matter to him. I am always sharing how I feel and how he is behaving and for that he ignores me or punish me by eliminating me for a week at a time. It's truly sad to see a grown man behaves this way to someone that are so loving to him. I can't stay around any longer it hurts too bad. Deb - Aug AM.

Are Pisces Loyal

My husband is a Pisces. I am a Virgo. This is a second marriage for both of us. We have both been hurt and cheated on in our previous relationships. We have been married four and a half years. This describes him very well! I love him with all my being. I sometimes feel disconnected from him because he is a very private man. His job sometimes requires him to travel out is state. I have never accompanied him on any of these because he says we can't afford it.

We have money for everything else and other unexpected finances. My gut sometimes tells me is he cheating on me but when I ask him he gets upset. I do not have any solid proof.

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I ask why do you get upset? He responds because it's offensive. He swears he would never hurt me like that. Says he would break up with me first! What the hell?! Am I supposed to accept that and just live my life in fear he will just come home and say he's leaving one day?! He spends hours outdoors doing yard work maintaining our beautiful home. He likes to do it all himself and refuses help from anyone. I often see him textingwith a smile on his face yet he claims he is cleaning his emailing or searching for music. Hmmm in the middle of yard work? I appreciate him and everything he does for me to the fullest!

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  • I am disappointed in myself for feeling insecure but how can the feeling I have in my gut be so strong if it's really nothing? He acts very distant from me upon return and will justgive me a peck on my cheek or top of my head when I pick him up at the airport and goes to bed alone at night claiming he is tired. We don't snuggle much anymore. His choice. I try but then feel rejected when he puts a pillow between us or scoots to the edge of the bed. I despise feeling like this and like I don't trust him! I understand completely a Pisces or anybody else for that matter needing space. Could I be wrong am I picking up on all the wrong vibes because of my past?

    He claims he loves me to death He is a master of poker faces. I smile everyday but I feel like I'm dying inside. I'm normally not a insecure person and have been taken advantage of in my past by different people for being to trusting. I'm sad. How can I talk to him with out giving him the feeling I am accusing him of infidelity? I have never been more in love!! The last thing I want is to hurt him or for him to withdraw further from me. G - May PM. It has been a very spiritual journey for myself as a Pisces. Those who have not yet identified with some of the aspects of this sun sign are either not far enough along their journey, or are very much holding true to the easily wounded side of this sign.

    I have given my heart to so many, love the idea of love, and been hurt when my "ideals" have crashed and reality has set in, realizing they were never who I dreamed them to be to begin with. It completely makes my day to make someone who seemed unhappy, happy I love to paint, and will put in earbuds while doing so in order to lose myself in the creative energy coursing through me and "get it out" so to speak. But alas, I am my own worst critic and am never fully satisfied with my work.

    I always feel misunderstood or taken for granted, and believe that I need to live alone by the ocean and only interact when I feel energized enough to do so. I wear myself thin and have been left holding debt and heartache when giving to someone or something with all I have and will go into a depression for months to build back up, and then repeat it all over again. I am happy to be me, and I embrace all parts of who I am as a Pisces. I encourage all of my fellow Fish to do the same!

    21 Personality Secrets of Pisces Zodiac Sign

    You are beautiful and strong! Sam - May AM. I'm Christian Baptist, don't consider myself lazy or impractical, and renounce my faith three times and excepted the Holy spirit and Holy ghost in my life, for he guides my life. Manny - Apr PM. So true, nobody but a pisces can understand the natural desire to pretty much self destruct and to almost literally just drift, i also dont believe any but a pisces can know the unbelievable heartache when betrayed by someone you totally gave ALL of yourself to, yet still love them unconditionally, just drifting through life unable to understand why they cant see that no one else could ever possibly care as much as you do, day in, day out just hoping that you can hold on just long enough for them to realize that love was as pure as it gets, because with each day our grip on life becomes weaker as the emptiness grows colder.

    Mattunnaki - Feb PM. That all above are true about me. Row - 8-Sep AM. Love this and so me :- I'm a huge dreamer and don't trust many people, been burned to many times. I have a farm which fulfills my earthy nature and my loner side. A perfect life for a Pisces as far as I'm concerned :- Boy wish I would have read this year's ago and I would have saved myself years of heartache with dating the wrong match men :-p Thanks for the read I greatly enjoyed it!

    This is nothing like me. I only trust 3 people in my live. I don't help others who do not help me!!

    astrological sign pisces personality traits Astrological sign pisces personality traits
    astrological sign pisces personality traits Astrological sign pisces personality traits
    astrological sign pisces personality traits Astrological sign pisces personality traits
    astrological sign pisces personality traits Astrological sign pisces personality traits
    astrological sign pisces personality traits Astrological sign pisces personality traits
    astrological sign pisces personality traits Astrological sign pisces personality traits
    astrological sign pisces personality traits Astrological sign pisces personality traits

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